Sunday 17 December 2017
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[French for beginners] 5 hours to learn French basics – Units 1-2-3-4

25 thoughts on “[French for beginners] 5 hours to learn French basics – Units 1-2-3-4

  1. Lucresia Strange

    your page is the most useful that I have found. I’m just having trouble
    with the verbs, but I guess it really takes time to digest the french
    language .. THANK YOU! keep it up, this is awesome!

  2. Vani Jay

    great tip for making the correct “u” sound is making a “u” sound and “oooh”
    sound at the same time.

  3. snow maleficent

    the way you said ”www” made me watch my lang more! :)) mercii <3 btw
    just one tip to people who learn french as second language, its that don't
    go hard on urself, i mean i've seen some of my friends learning french they
    kind a like make this weird face to get the accent, just try to make it
    normal, you have to make it very simple by not making sound so difficult,
    its actually easy if u get it once! u can do it! :))

  4. Jessica Roque

    What it would be fascinating learning french more than a video tutorials,
    Everyone knows the most ideal approach to take in a dialect is by speaking
    with real native tutors. I was learning from textbooks & online materials
    for so long but never had an opportunity to actually speak the language.

    Here in CONVOCONNECT-DOT-COM, I took a couple of lessons before I went to
    brush up on my conversation skills. It is a good website as it allows you
    to book private lessons with native speakers so all the focus is on you and
    you can learn much faster. I learnt a lot after just a few lessons.

    I first booked some trial lessons for only USD $5 / 50 min lesson and then
    once I found a good teacher I took a few more lessons with that teacher.
    that would be sound interesting and more practical isn’t it?! 

  5. syafiq muhammad

    This really helps me alot, makes me understand french language better!

  6. topvideo91

    Hi! I’m french and I’d like to have a swap (I guess it’s the good Word)
    with an english pupil who wants to learn french. Are you interested in ? 

  7. HostDisorder

    Why would he not put the English there to explain what it means though. I
    feel like I’m learning french words without the meanings. Unless that
    happens later.

  8. Azed Ized

    i want to learn french but after 3 minuts hearing this guy sayin U U uU u
    al the time it sounded like gayporn. Sorry guys i cant explain that to my
    girlfriend. So now i will go and learn french by reading. Good luck all.

  9. Joe Hamilton

    This is so helpful! I have a goal to learn french by the fall so this
    really helps. Thank you so much for uploading!

  10. Aaquib Rakshan

    Thanks a lot,i don’t know french and i had french exam tomorrow and i was
    scared ,but thanks to this video,i was able to understand french.Merci.!!!

  11. Jamez James SuicideSurvivor

    Thanks vincent im going 2 france in may and this will help me out loads!
    all the best!!!

  12. Lojze Krajnčan

    @Žigan krajnčan you helped me to finish my school! 1love man! you are a
    great teacher !

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