Monday 22 January 2018
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Learn Arabic – How to Introduce Yourself in Arabic

25 thoughts on “Learn Arabic – How to Introduce Yourself in Arabic

  1. La Güzelette

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything. But you should put a presenter who
    knows how to read arabic properly and not make it sound lebanese. (no
    offense to this presenter intended)
    I know its the way a lot of lebanese read Arabic but its wrong.
    Tha ث (as in THeory) is not read as Sa س .. Like Thalathati daqa’eq. NOT
    Salasati DaKa’ek
    Qaf ق is not Kaf ك either.

    I’m pretty sure the presenter will also change other letters such as
    Tha ذ (as in THe) to Za ز

    I’m an arab. And I just want to advice you to be careful with these issues
    when teaching it to people. They have the right to know the difference.
    I like your series and i like the spirit. But I just hope it to be better
    that’s all 🙂

  2. Shane C

    OMG I think I need to move somewhere people speak Arabic in order for me to
    really learn the language quickly. I’m very interested in learning Arabic.
    The urge to learn the language came suddenly from no where. I don’t know
    anyone that’s Arabic, I’ve never been to an Arabic speaking country, and I
    have never met an Arabic person. Living in the American south, learning
    Arabic is not very popular nor encourage. I’ll keep practicing little by
    little until I get it. I’m a really fast learner.

  3. najiha mumera

    Learning Arabic is hard! Language of the Quran is the main purpose why im
    keen to take up on it. Worth a shot tho…

  4. Aaron Richards

    I want to learn Arabic because I can’t understand a thing the mujahedeen
    are talking about when they are trying to discuss how to wage war against
    the kuffr

    Also it’s great when you can finally be able to talk with the locals from
    Morroco to Kuwait

  5. ksa gamer

    I want to ask People Watching The Video…
    why you want to learn our languge ? Just For Lqafa :)


    hey ,if anyone else is searching for how to speak arabic fast try Wondsting
    Arabic Online Wiki ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things
    about it and my mate got cool results with it. 

  7. ロライトユサラ

    Just a little help here, what kind of Arabic is this? I’ve heard in the
    Arabic language, Arabic in Yemen is diffrent from Saudi Arabia, also, how
    is this diffrent from Quranic or Ancient Arabic?

  8. rockaphobia2002

    x’D arabic is defiantly one of the hardest languages , especially
    the fact that we have : formal , very formal , informal , and accents for
    informal. X’D
    each country has a different way for words and different ways for speaking.
    to learn arabic , one should learn the formal and informal.
    formal for writing
    informal for speaking with people
    no one uses the formal speaking in real life except with books , learning
    and tv shows 

  9. Qusay ALMahmoud

    my advise for people learning arabic , DONT learn dialect arabic , learn
    standard arabic. and after that dialect will become easy. standard arabic
    is understood by ALL ARABS and you can read arabic books and watch arabic
    news. but dialects differ greatly and will make you feel you are in a
    mess. good luck :)

  10. Keith Larsen

    Hmm, though this is as the comments inform me formal arabic. Maybe not what
    I should learn, just as most english speakers do not say “Thou dost protest

  11. Amer Skottler

    Skype for learning arabic
    I like to teach people how to speak arabic
    Soo add me if you would like, Skype: x_amer_x
    And I’m also looking for someone to help me in English or French

  12. turky abohamad

    americans and Britons, you don’t have learn arabic because the arabic
    langauge is not main langauge used in the world, the main langauge used is
    So, leave rest langauge without learning them

  13. lea z

    Great video! I love the Arabic language and I’m excited to learn more so I
    can become fluent. Unfortunately I am very new to learning modern Arabic, I
    can read Arabic but now I just need to learn what everything means. Hard
    language, but very beautiful.

  14. Mohammed Zaki

    Good Job Carole, but I think you should teach them the Egyptian because as
    you know it is the most popular but anyway this is great effort 🙂 

  15. dzk adam

    Ok tbh it’s a good video not perfect!! But still good.. n if u wanna learn
    arabic im glad to help y’all.. just hit on comment and ask me if u want, n
    I can add u on fb .. cheers 

  16. Mirou la mentaliste

    hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out how to learn arabic fast and
    easy try Wondsting Arabic Online Wiki (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
    decent things about it and my co-worker got great results with it. 

  17. Harrison Isom

    I’m considering for Cairo to be my BIG vacation. I audited Arabic 101 in
    college, but I have more charisma than Arabic skills. I know I can get
    better at Arabic. 

  18. Talal Dirar

    FYI, there are many dialects in Arabic, like the Hejazi, Nejdi, Gulf,
    Egyptian and Levantine dialects,which are the most common, perhaps because
    they are the most populated areas. there also branched dialects, like
    Sudanese Arabic, which originated from Hejazi Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, which
    is mix of Gulf and Levantine Arabic. In a way, we understand each other,
    except for certain words. For example, In the Middle East, they call
    falafel, well, falafel, but in North Africa, the call it Ta’mia, see the
    difference? The Arabic they are teaching you now is SFA, standard formal
    Arabic, the simplest of dialects and understandable to all Arabs. Sorry for
    the long post.

  19. Learn With Aziz

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  20. rakshanda kaukab

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