Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn basic Mandarin: The best basic Mandarin toolkit

25 thoughts on “Learn basic Mandarin: The best basic Mandarin toolkit

  1. MrOhWhatTheHeck

    I love how she squints at the camera as if it were a blindingly bright
    lamp. Almost on par with Clint Eastwood. She’s such a flirt even though she
    probably doesn’t realise it lol.
    Good teacher though. I’m gonna surprise the hell out of the owners of the
    next noodle bar I go to.

  2. Gilberto Oliveira

    Sonia, ni hao

    wo jue de ni de fa yin hen hao
    ni jiao zhong wen de hen hao
    wo de ming zi shi Gilberto Oliveira
    wo shi ba xi ren
    wo zi ji xue xi zhong wen

  3. Hsi-kai CHEN

    The biggest problems with pronunciation for westerners are “j,q,x”, and she
    seems to have totally mastered j/q/x.

  4. Rouillie Wilkerson

    Walwalkn Wewnrkl What sounds like an exaggeration or cartoon to you is
    simply conversation to another. You’re learning a tonal language. 

  5. Farah Amalina

    wo yao learn hua yu
    I want learn chinese language
    “Learn”word in mandarin is what??
    someone help me??

  6. Hsi-kai CHEN

    I was just learning Spanish from her and now find surprised she can speak
    Chinese…= =what a women of genius!

  7. Elvis Vikic

    Its like a young sandra bullock is teaching mandarin. Video is easy to
    follow, hearing it from a english accent helps.

  8. FreedomForce100

    Best learning method and best teacher I have met.
    FANTASTIC video. I would pay to get the computer based full program!

  9. Walwalkn Wewnrkl

    I “don’t” want exaggerating of sounds. I want to learn what I should
    actually say. Not sound like a cartoon character xD

  10. Toby Lin

    I am a native Mandarin speaker, I just wanna say her pronounce is almost
    perfect,even better than my grandma. Most of Chinese who use Cantonese as
    first language, they have a very funny accent when they speak Mandarin. But
    I can’t feel her accent, that’s really amazing for a native English

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