Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn basic Spanish: The best basic Spanish toolkit

25 thoughts on “Learn basic Spanish: The best basic Spanish toolkit

  1. bon vivant

    Who could concentrate on learning Spanish when it’s someone so cute? It’s
    impossible. She needs to put something else in the video.

  2. Bananasauce

    she just threw so much shade at rosetta stone. lol but she’s right that
    shit doesn’t work and it’s soooo expensive. all i learned was a bunch of
    french vocab for items and people

  3. Leonardo Gallegos

    “Quiero” already means ” I Want ” so it`s over undestanded to say ” yo
    quiero” , it`s enough just with “Quiero”
    I want coffee –> Quiero café
    The same thing happens with :

    Want = Querer
    I want = yo + querer = Quiero

    we want = Nosotros + querer = Queremos
    you wants= tu + querer = Quieres
    They want = Ellos + querer = Quieren

    So… it`s not necessary for : “We want coffee” to say: “Nosotros queremos
    café” it`s enough with: “Queremos café ”
    Although it`s not wrong, just unnecessary because the form of the verb
    already has implicit the person we are talking about

  4. Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz

    All sentences start with “yo” to make sure you sound completely foreign!

  5. Theo T

    I cant learn from mungie cakes trying to teach….geez…and shes posing
    for the camera, how sad and pathetic.i gave her a thumbs down 5x.

  6. ExtraTerrestrials

    wow thank you so much. I’ve become somewhat fluent in English but i think
    that i need to learn another language such as spanish or italian. it will
    help me in the future. spanish is pretty easy as i used to work with amigos
    side by side when i was in u.s. they taught me a bit of it.

  7. Igor Faslyev

    I always thought agua was feminine and el was used with it simply because
    it starts with a vowel sound, but for the cold water you’d still say el
    agua friA and not el agua friO

  8. rocket lang

    Mastering another language, like Latin American Spanish, can seem like an
    impossible dream, right?

  9. Xedret Belmont

    Well, I am a native English and Spanish speaker, if you know any other
    language besides these two and want to learn/practice, feel free to send me
    a personal message and ask me for my skype to chat at least once a week.

  10. Ricardo. Es

    Its easy guys.. the words that starts wt a,e,i,o,u are EL and if that word
    starts wt consonant u need to see the last letter.. how it finish? If that
    finish wt e,i,o,u is EL too if it finish in A is LA ok?… cause that is EL
    AGUA this starts wt a and is EL and CASA is LA CASA…the house, ok is so
    easy if that word ends wt a consonant is EL too for example EL CELULAR, the
    cellphone only a few words is LA a bit only. For example LA LEY O LA
    VERDAD… the law or the true!! Is easy. :D

  11. ravi chandra

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about easy to learn spanish phrases try
    Wondsting Spanish Speaker Wiki ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty
    good things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

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