Wednesday 24 January 2018
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Spoken English Leaning Video Spoken English Tutorial English Conversation

24 thoughts on “Spoken English Leaning Video Spoken English Tutorial English Conversation

  1. alex ojideagu

    7:10 LOL 1000 bucks per night?? Are you staying in the presidential or
    royal suite? Jesus Christ!

  2. juan pablo mendez garcia

    hello,if someone want learn Spanish ,,tell me I can help you I need learn
    English ,,so thanks a lot

  3. Gabby Wallace, M.Ed TESOL - Go Natural English

    I also make lessons on Youtube. Congratulations on your Channel. This video
    is very helpful and I love your teaching style.

  4. Md. Khurshed Alam

    Hi, i would like to improve my English speaking…. Here is my skype
    address: khurshedalam.87
    I will appreciate if any body help me. 

  5. Jashim Uddin

    Hi, I’m Jashim, from Bangladesh. I’m somewhat weak in English. I would like
    to improve my English speaking by chatting & speaking. Can anyone help me?
    SKYPE ID: smartjashim.

  6. prof Alaa Yassin

    hi all i have group on skype for english practice we practise via writing
    and speaking to each other if you want to join us to develop your english
    each day please add me my skype name is alaa.yassin77 . 

  7. Ismail Koukou

    hello friends !!! i like so much english so i need to some one help me to
    be good like can yopu help me ??

  8. Bruce Lee

    hi, my name’s Bruce and I come from China. I would like to improve my
    English. Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) is my first language. This is my
    I can help to learn Chinese too, if someone like to. anyway, thanks for
    reading my message.

  9. JaksoIT

    Start by presenting a title with correct written English “Spoken English
    Leaning Video” ???

  10. Kate Brown

    $1,000 per night at a single room hotel room xD and $250 for a meal, wtf
    those prices are way to high, lmao

  11. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury

    This video has highlighted in detail different situation of conversions
    which would help the interested learner to pick up spoken English very
    nicely. I appreciate the effort. 

  12. Gehad Hoor

    This video is very important for all ESL learners of English. The more we
    listen, the more we speak. In other words, speaking is impossible without
    long hours of good listening. Don’t move to reading or writing skills
    before mastering the appropriate level of listening and speaking. Try it
    for at least 3 months and you will be very happy of your incredible
    performance of English? 

  13. Eyder Murillo

    I want to improve my English. Spanish is my first language, someone help
    me. This is my Skype:eyderlord99
    I can help to learn Spanish too, if someone want, by Skype

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