Monday 22 January 2018
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Connections | Learn Arabic| Greetings & Hello

25 thoughts on “Connections | Learn Arabic| Greetings & Hello


    This constant repeating is sooooooo annoying. Wudv bn beta if u wrote
    meaning and word down n den repaeted it twice. N xplaind d difference 4male
    n female.

  2. Ary vanHarrick

    You want (expect) your viewers (students) to pick this up ONLY by HEARING
    the pieces of text, all the while keeping the screen filed with that one
    opening sentence? Instead of also repeating the English translation more
    than once, which is unnecessary and only takes from the student’s focus on
    hearing these sounds it is all about; sounds that are rather unfamiliar to
    many. Why in the world not using that screen to represent what now only
    comes only in sound by spelling it phonetically, in words using the plain
    ABC alphabet? Recent research shows you more than double the capacity of
    your students not just to grab these new words (where we now keep asking
    ourselves, what is it that I am actually hearing?), but also to remember

  3. Joanne Moran

    *Arabic is the largest member of the Semitic language family, which also
    includes languages like Hebrew and Aramaic. Like most other Semitic
    languages, Arabic is written from right to left.*

  4. afdanial95

    Salaam.. I really love arabic and want to learn n communicate in arabic…
    Will someone please help me to learn arabic..

  5. fisal aldosary

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  6. sanjay Shrestha

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover
    how to speak arabic language in english
    try *Greega Awesome Arabic Guru* (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some
    super things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.


  7. Fiki EHT

    the meaning of “Assalamualaikum” is “May God peace be upon you”. Allah is
    same as God in arabic. if you see arabic bibles, the word “Allah” is
    meaning to “God”. so Assalamualaikum can be use for anyone of any religion.
    by the way, I am Muslim. im sorry if my english bad :)

  8. Shania Williams

    ok after anna sam men enty anna sara what is nxt pls its pronunce so fast.
    sorry not so easy for english speaker

  9. Mumtaz Zazay

    people need to learn so why dont u teach them instead of speaking in
    english the whole video i am sure people are wqtchong ur video to learn
    arabic not english

  10. axmed cabdullahi

    Thank you bro.. now I can introduce myself in arabic,,,check out… ANNA

  11. Baiju Indulal

    Only one or two words people are lessoning the vedeo for your dialog. What
    is this? very shame!

  12. Azifah Ahmed

    Fiki brother let me answer your question assalamualikum is used to greating
    with Muslim people only. Marxam is equilevent Hi. I hope that makes clear
    for u

  13. Umm AbdurRahman

    Looool! R u serious? Assalamualaikum does NOT mean “hi” . I think google
    translate does a more accurste job translating! And also walaikumassalam is
    only said back to a Muslim. If it is a non muslim it is just Walaikum. This
    is a disgrace . 

  14. Sabra AndSultan

    Learn Spoken Arabic the Easy Way with: “Tunisian Arabic in 24 Lessons”,
    available on Amazon.

  15. Talk Arabic For Free

    Nice lessons brother, good luck, i also create Arabic lessons, if you would
    take a quick through all my 60 lessons i created :).

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