Monday 22 January 2018
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Learn Arabic – Arabic in 3 Minutes – How to Greet People in Arabic

25 thoughts on “Learn Arabic – Arabic in 3 Minutes – How to Greet People in Arabic

  1. Bonita VR

    can anybody recommend a specific arabic dialect that is the easiest to
    learn?? I am trying to learn arabic but am unsure which country (dialect)
    to pick.

  2. Charlie Pace

    I’d like to know if it is okay to say “Al salamu ‘alaykum” to a Muslim
    even though i am a Christian.

  3. Wolf Pack

    Hello , in generally there is 22 general accents in arabic language that’s
    for 22 arabic country then there is southern and northern and countryside
    accents in each country,,,, but my advice you should learn Egyptian accent
    which is easy to learn and easy to speak also many about 80% from arabic
    people can understand what you saying ,,,,,, and the most hard to learn the
    Iraqi accent if you learn it you can understand any of these 22 accents
    cause it have all the sounds from turkish ,Persian, French , English

  4. Franc Zalez

    Al salamu ‘alaykum sister. I am trying to learn Arabic InshaAllah but I am
    not sure which dialect you are teaching. Can you assist me with
    understanding so I can continue to learn with full understand.

  5. Oni Hall

    I think this girl has forgotten to mention the fact that Arabic has many
    different dialects since I learned in Syrian Arabic that Mahsaalami means
    goodbye, not what she just said…

  6. maan mg

    طريقة جميلة و مفيدة لتعليم الاجانب اللغة العربية لكن اود لفت انتباهك الى
    لفظ الحروف لاحظت انك تخففين الثاء لتصبح قريبة من السين و كذلك القاف تلفظيها
    اقرب الى الكاف اتمنى منك التشديد على اللفظ الصحيح بعيدا عن اللهجات العامية
    في لفظ الحروف و اتمنى لك التوفيق و شكرا لجهودك في نشر لغتنا الجميلة

  7. sacat yare

    Woow she’s talking arabic original but you know arabic has difirents
    accents means language but origin arabic is name nahwah but i’m not arabic
    and english but i learn little arabic and english ok ani hall 

  8. Ramez Jawad

    al salam alaykom …. its for all…..all religion . all there are a lot
    of ways to say greeting in arabic buts the most use is al salam alykom

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