Monday 22 January 2018
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Arabic: Lesson 1, Part 1 (Alphabet)

25 thoughts on “Arabic: Lesson 1, Part 1 (Alphabet)

  1. المسيح هو ابن الله

    almost no muslim knows the language of Muhammad 1400 years ago. this Arabic
    language is dead!! when i say: “fa’idha insalakha al ashuru I hurumuh
    fa’qatiloo I mushrikeena” from quran chapter 9, verse dont know what
    i say in 7th century Arabic- but Sheiks and Imams DO!!

  2. nawaf Alesayi

    لا تحاولوا تعلم اللغة العربية انها صعبة جداً (متعوب عليها)

  3. Abdul Manat Banu Taim Al-Adram

    Yeah, easy. So obvious..!
    This is the hardest language I’ve ever seen.

  4. Darine Selenator

    but there are some faults 🙂
    ز = zay not zayn
    ذ = it speak like ( th)e not like (th)rough so it sprak thul
    ض= thaad like (th)e but thick

  5. Fahd Thaar

    Omg … lm arabic and your are saying the letters wrong …. the writing is
    right but the way u r saying it is wrong … so please dont teach ppl wrong
    letters *just saying*

  6. 89990000

    @TheYemenimaster 1.2 BILLION MUSLIMS > 300-400 MILLION ARABIC SPEAKERS. 1.2
    billion muslims are greater than the 300-400 million arabic speakers.

  7. Rodney Johnson

    The easiest way to learn Arabic is at this website ARABIC.LENITO.COM , just
    copy and paste it on your browser and check it out. I learned Arabic SUPER
    QUICK! Go to ARABIC.LENITO.COM The crack donkeys the dark person. The
    control catalogues the force. The seat articulates the fuzzy use.

  8. tiande xi

    I having sth would like to ask you pls I found most of video teaching how
    pronuncaition of arabic it is but it sounds some different in videos .
    Could you tell me where i can find relatively good arabic pronunciation
    website ?? Thank you so much !

  9. sammy12272003

    @TheYemenimaster Yes they do speak Arabic take it from someone who is
    Arabic not Muslim but Arabic(:

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