Monday 22 January 2018
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Learn Arabic (Lebanese) lesson 1

25 thoughts on “Learn Arabic (Lebanese) lesson 1

  1. Scott Z

    It’s hard to hear you clearly – it sounds like there’s a fan or something
    running in the background. Also, you said “hi how are you (man) (kifak) or
    hi how are you (woman) (kifik)”. I don’t understand, are you addressing a
    man or speaking as a man when you say kifak?

    I appreciate you putting the video together and thanks for your time.

  2. April Grazioso

    hi, can you make some videos about how to read like this one :
    “ayb .. Glbk kberr w abya’6 , b3mrk matshel 3la a7d ,, tnsa bsr3a r’3m 7ajm
    T7bb alsha59 fek bsr3a , abo w a5o l lk a5wan w ana a7sdhm 3leek
    Ktom , t’hawn 3la alsha59 almeshkla r’3m kbr 7jmha !
    Eeeee ’67tk ;O”
    i’ve got this from my friend on facebook, he told me if this is arabic
    (lebanese). i was curious, can you make some videos or articles to help?

  3. 87doncorleone

    السلام عليكم … مافي شي اسمو لغه لبنانيه ! و إنما هي لكنه لبنانيه…
    الأفضل تعليم اللغه العربيه الفصحى اللي يتحدثون فيها جميع العرب في العالم
    …. طريقه غير صحيحه في تعليم اللغه العربيه لغير الناطقين بها …

  4. M. Manzur Rahman

    This is fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for. Clear and precise
    instructions. I want to buy the book but not sure how to. Would appreciate
    your help. Thanks! 

  5. superlinux

    بدون اي حساسيات او اي تلميحات, بس مجرد سؤال ست هبة؟ كم واحد قال لك انه لا
    توجد هناك “لغة لبنانية” بل توجد “لهجة لبنانية”؟! معي حق ام ﻷ؟!؟ انا فلسطيني
    من سكان صيدا الجنوب. كثير ناس في لبنان بالغلط يستعملون نفس المصطلح “لغة
    لبنانية”. و لا اعلم لماذا. على الرغم من هالشيء , ارجوك تتابعي و اشد على
    يدك. لكن راجعي الفيديو قبل نشره. اليويتوب ينقصه هكذا محتوى. و حاولي تقدمي
    على تمويل قناتك اليوتيوب (YouTube Monetization). و الله يوفقك لما يحب و

  6. Fraser Cook

    Thanks for making a book that myself and my arabic tutor can use because it
    has arabic script and Lebanese dialect. 

  7. James Brigden

    Can someone answer a question for me? Is it ok to speak standard Arabic in
    Lebanon? It’s perfectly understood ? Ok to use it in bars a d restaurants?

  8. Kiki TheBoss

    ya Hiba, b7ebik inte w b7eb lebnannnn <3 shukran ktir kermal l videos...3am
    idroos lebnani w btse3adini (?) ktir..inshallah I will order iktebik
    2areban :D

  9. بيبرس

    You made a “ء” under the word “اسم”
    I think we should be correct. This is a “wasl alif” and not a “hamza alif”.

  10. Adam Scott

    Do you know any arabic tutors who will be happy to teach me through skype?
    I’ve looked anywhere and can’t find anyone. (They can teach me through
    either english or french)

  11. ArabPrince

    Hiba u are a blessing to my life your teaching me to speak or beautiful
    language free God bless u abudently 😉 thank u

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