Monday 22 January 2018
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Arabic as Foreign Language: الموهبة الكامنة

24 thoughts on “Arabic as Foreign Language: الموهبة الكامنة

  1. yohaira vargas

    Wowwwwwwwww!!!! He’s just like me and only me /. I’m learning arabic by
    myself and this guy was blessed with all this privileges…God bless them,
    and inshallah I will learn and make my dream come true which is learning
    Arabic fluently <3 Maas salaam everyone 

  2. Saadia guled

    i am so happy that i came across this reality it has really motivated to
    learn arabic that i have been struggling with in the last two months

  3. Kelly Marie

    I am a white American female and I trained in the Korean language for two
    years whilst in the US military at a school called the Defense Language
    Institute Foreign Language Center in California. Learning a foreign
    language is very rewarding, challenging, and fun. I am currently trying to
    teach myself Arabic and I think the opportunity this guy was given was life

  4. DownFlex

    I dont know if they just cut it out, but learning a language is just 50%
    studying. The other 50% of the time that should be spent is talking with
    natives. I hadn’t seen him doing that before the interview, which is the
    reason for panicking.

    The important thing is: You will never get fluent if you take grammar to
    seriously. Also, there is a deifference between speaking, reading,
    listening and writing 🙂
    But seriously, I would shit my pants, if I were on a tv-program xDD

    But all in all, this video was great and partially really stunning 🙂
    great job and nice attitude of James

  5. NaTs24

    I don’t think that this show does an accurate job. 1st, everyone has the
    potential to learn another language or more, it all depends on the
    resources that you use and your patience. You don’t need a teacher, just a
    good site or program. 2nd, they use lots of grouping people together. “It
    usually takes someone 18 months to learn Arabic”. It all depends on how
    much you spending learning the language and just as important, the amount
    of time you spend practicing what you have learned in conversation. Also
    what qualifies as “knowing” a language, is it fluent, or just to a
    conversational level, that is up to the person to decide. I am not trying
    to downplay these people, maybe they have natural talent. But the show is
    trying to make learning a language in 5 months into an almost impossible
    task, when it isn’t, you just need effort and patience.

  6. Sima Islamia

    this guy is so down to earth.a rare really hard to find these
    days.May Allah guide him.

  7. BtB*French

    I just want to hug this guy, because I know from my own experience that
    learning another language is not easy especially if you only have 19 weeks
    to learn. 

  8. vicken818911811

    He isn’t pronouncing the عand if he did, I didn’t notice the first time
    around. In the talk show interview, he said بعد (After) and he didn’t
    pronounce it correctly. It’s still extraordinary that he learned that much
    so quickly.

  9. Luisa Martinez

    I’ve been trying to learn Arabic on and off for over four years and this
    dude pronounces the words way better than I do! Great job!

  10. VJ Thomas

    they were saying that its been two months, why doesnt he know it? I cant
    beleive they are pressuring him like that. Hes been doing great, its been 2
    months, give him a break

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