Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn Chinese: Lesson 2 – Introduction to Tones

25 thoughts on “Learn Chinese: Lesson 2 – Introduction to Tones

  1. Paul Michael Bales

    I really enjoyed. I like how Ma is Mother, Ma is the question mark ? and Ma
    also means Hemp in Chinese. For it ties in with what I have been saying
    about the star sign Libra, for she is the mother and is the goddess of
    riddles and questions and also the goddess of Cannabis.

  2. Kanimir

    Somehow it wasn’t that hard for me to pronounce, although I imagine it’s
    hard to remember which tone should we use for which word…

  3. Gold HanBin

    why do I feel like they’re all the same? XD
    Like why annoyin’ urself with changin’ the tone it’s hard and useless

  4. M Abdi

    It’s so difficult for me to differentiate between the second and third
    tone. I hope I can become fluent.

  5. Emotionnelle Chan

    no way * — * chinese language is HARD or i’m i the only one who feels like
    that ? ..
    mà ♪ mè ♪ mâ ::♪ ::

  6. Joseph Erikson

    thanks for the intro., i would like to teach my children to speak different
    language. this was a great bed time exercise

  7. Jade D.

    okay i have the feeling on giving up on chinees and go back to my korean
    it’s A LOT more easy!!! BUT i’m going to go on anyway i realy want to

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