Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn Russian – Russian in Three Minutes – Numbers 1-10

25 thoughts on “Learn Russian – Russian in Three Minutes – Numbers 1-10

  1. Константин Пятков

    Не ужели , действительно есть Американцы , которые учат русский ? И я так и
    не понял , по моему , девушка сначала русский учила . Эх , как же я бы
    хотел знать английский .

  2. Евгений Головатюков

    Иностранцы, учите русский! Не знаю зачем вам русский, но учите. 

  3. Ernest Chui™

    Thanks! This helps me so much, that it made me memorize a lot of common
    Russian phrases! I’d give a thumbs up for you!

  4. Маринка Новикова

    3 минуты? серьезно? даже наши за все время и то его не могут нормально
    выучить лол

  5. ismail bagnied

    Russian sure is beautiful but not easy!
    This is coming from a native Arabic speaker, a language that has the most
    unusual spelling and sounds.

  6. MultiArtartart

    in slovenia we say ena, dva, tri, štiri, pet, šest. sedem, osem, devet,
    deset. its similar

  7. Don Cartel

    Да лаааадно она че там свой номер телефона дала?) пойду звонить 8D

  8. Andrés Garnica

    Hi everyone, I’m a native spanish speaker and it’d be a total pleasure to
    me to help someone that may wants to learn spanish. If you want to, you can
    reply this message so I can teach you spanish and you can help me to learn
    Russian back 🙂 

  9. Holly Adams

    most people don’t know that Russia is a melting pot of all kinds of people,
    including Chinese, Korean and even African, not only people from central
    Asia. And people from central Asia, like myself, look more
    Mediterranean than Chinese, unless they’re mixed. 

  10. Cesare Aluigi

    I challange all, to translate this in english: uno, due, tre, quattro,
    cinque, sei, sette, otto, nove, dieci, come state? Quanti anni avete? 

  11. Mark Han

    Thank you for your video’s. They are step one in my plan to infiltrate and
    overthrow the Russian government. 

  12. Hansel Jensen

    She looks like a russian languaje teacher that works where I am a teacher
    too. Miss Ludmila comes from East Russia. 

  13. Diapee Frederick

    yay, I have an excuse for not giving out my number to strange old men who
    smell like fish. I don’t have a cellphone or I can just say Ya nje gavaryyo

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