Monday 22 January 2018
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Learn Arabic – [Lesson 1] Arabic Grammar for Understanding the Quran

Learn Arabic – [Lesson 1] Arabic Grammar for Understanding the Quran

25 thoughts on “Learn Arabic – [Lesson 1] Arabic Grammar for Understanding the Quran

  1. Ryan Hoel

    This video started off great, but then picked up pace so fast! How can I
    learn the basics?

  2. Mukhail Hamza

    Alhamidullilah. This is the best Arabic tutorial i have ever taken. Its so
    simple and concise. May Allah SWT continue to expand your knowledge and
    give you baraka for all the lives you have touched and will touch

  3. 1melkamua

    Aslamualikum brother , Your lessons are well organized and easy to
    understand. Is there any way you can upload the power point presentation
    you are using?
    May Allah reward you and increase you in knowledge.. 

  4. Nguy fong Haa

    Hopefully I am spelling this correctly (As I am new to the Arabic
    language)… شوكراً
    The video helped immensely. Many courses throw the learner straight into
    learning phrases, but it does me no good if I don’t understand how the
    language is formed.

  5. Tsabita Azalea

    I love it….I want to learn more arabic
    May Allah rewards u brother

  6. Muslimah S

    MashAllah I’m amazed with your hard work mashAllah. There are people out
    there who makes it so hard to study arabic and expensive. Alhamdullilah I’m
    working and save for it but there are some people who can’t afford to
    attend the classes plus I travel so far and much expensive for just one
    class hoping that I learn the beautiful words of Allah and here’s some
    blessed servant of Allah who offers help with no charge or difficulty
    mashAllah. May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdous ameen

  7. Aqilah Suhaimi

    Assalamualaikum, do i have to study the arabic words first? before learning
    the grammar and etc. Just wondering which way is more effective. May Allah
    bless you 🙂 

  8. Anissa Boussedra

    This is the best lesson I’ve come across on YouTube so far, thank you so
    much for this I’m already moving on to lesson number 2.

    Baraka Allahu fik

  9. Arshad Siddiqui

    Very well explained,MaShaAllah. Where can I download the reading material
    for practice .

  10. syed ahmed

    ma sha Allah u are excellent. You should open up a longer course for
    advanced studies. May Allah bless you ameen 

  11. Muslimah S

    MashAllah that’s what exactly I was looking for alhamdillilah! I have
    started arabic course and just done this subject recently but forgot most
    of them and I was stressing but when I watched like 10 mins of them I feel
    relieved and I’m sure the rest of the videos are quiet helpful too. May
    Allah swt reward you immensely ameen! This is such a relief I was thinking
    I might fail this level but Alhamdulillah Allah is Kareem

  12. Ishak Hamzah

    May Allah swt reward you in folds for this huge effort to spread this

  13. amer alkhaldi

    Hi everybody my name is amer and I’m from Jordan I want to practice my
    English and I can help in arabic i would be very happy to talk with you on
    Skype for free
    as ” amer_alkhaldi91 ” 

  14. Khan Zazai

    thanks a lot.
    you are a very good teacher, and doing a great job. thumbs up
    May almighty Allah swt strengthen your skills and abilities.

  15. Abdul Rahman Khan

    Jazak Allah Khair brother. You are doing a great job. Hope to see more of
    these videos in the future 

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