Monday 22 January 2018
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Chapter 1 – Learn Kuwaiti & Iraqi Audiobook

25 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Learn Kuwaiti & Iraqi Audiobook

  1. Madeleine Qiex

    great i am sure it is a good first building block…
    i am interested does Baghdad speak a different Arabic style or dialect ?…
    Forgive me i am very first time learning this is my first time for a
    lesson, so i am quite a novice as this Language and i want to learn it and
    this little yet concise snippet – that kept my attention and made me
    excited enough to grab a pen and try to copy it all down Good Job Well
    Done… And thank you for making this free 🙂 sweet 

  2. q8mash

    Kuwaiti and Basri “south Iraqi” sounds almost the same. This is a new
    information for those who deny the similarity. There is a place called
    Zubair in Iraq and they talk exactly like Kuwaiti. But for sure Iraq is a
    huge state wich has many other different dialects 

  3. ahmad hassan

    thank you very much for opening this channel . I was desperately in need of

  4. Yassir Hussein

    this is 100% kuwaiti and 80% iraqi the only difference is y in kuwaiti is j
    in iraqi

  5. eagleofmardin

    I’m originally from Mardin (Souteastern Turkey) region and I was raised in
    a Kurdish & Arabic speaking society. I have to say that the Arabic of this
    video is quite different than the Mesopotamian Arabic of ours. For example
    in Mardin anaa tamam = I’m done or I’m finished but here it means I’m good
    or I’m excellent. Also, when it comes to female we don’t use the word “ch”
    but we use the word “i” like “Keyfe enti” or “Eysh ismiki”. I still feel
    happy when I see videos like these.

  6. Cholee Alk

    You’ve got it very wrong on the Iraqi’s very different from
    Kuwaiti Arabic which is more like Gulf Arabic.

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