Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn to speak Mandarin chinese online – pin yin vowels

25 thoughts on “Learn to speak Mandarin chinese online – pin yin vowels

  1. Mega max

    i hope this video can teach me for learn mandarin , thanks wei lai , i
    can’t forget you

  2. buena_matt

    please post more videos. ZAI JIAN

  3. XPensukeD

    OMG that last part has got to be Witchcraft! I can’t believe pronouncing
    “ee” with my tongue and mouth in that position can make such a strange
    sound! This is so helpful.

  4. jesstang100

    It’s terrifying that she wrongly pronounces the basic vowel pinyin “O”. She
    is definitely not qualified to be a Mandarin teacher.

  5. e-Putonghua Mandarin

    You can try to practice daily. Using e-Putonghua. com to practice a 25-min
    lesson is just US$3.4 ~ 4.5.

  6. MsLizYu

    Ü is tough for beginner! I never meet any American people get the correct
    pronunciation with my Last name!

  7. Levente Maier

    The problem is that now I can hear the differences but when you’re
    pronouncing whole words then I’m totally lost. Thanks for the efforts. I
    appreciate it.

  8. tapedelay

    you have a most gorgeous accent. sometimes you drop your “th”s and it’s

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