Monday 22 January 2018
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Learn Russian – Russian Alphabet Made Easy – Д and З

25 thoughts on “Learn Russian – Russian Alphabet Made Easy – Д and З

  1. Gaza kingpin

    I can’t find any other lessons after this one, please post the rest of the
    new friends lessons, I really enjoy watching and I’ve learned a lot. 

  2. Mickey Hughe

    I don’t know if they (you – Learn Russian with read the
    comments…As everyone else has been saying…Please for the love of the
    gods add the rest of the alphabet. I really love these videos and it broke
    my heart to see that they just end…? Why? I was afraid of this. I just
    realized now…I and the rest of your viewers really suggest finishing the
    series of videos. Thank you ( ^ – ^) 

  3. עוז קרסיקוב

    There are more letters left, why did you stop making these videos of the
    rest? It would help a lot if Svetlana would teach reading and writing (or
    handwriting) the other letters in Russian (:

  4. Learn Russian with

    NEW Video Lesson!
    Russian Alphabet Made Easy – Д and З

    In this lesson, we’ll show you how to write 2 letters in Russian: Д and З,
    and we’ll teach you a few words you can write with these letters. Subscribe
    to our YouTube channel for more videos!

  5. Bash Mash

    Thank you very much, It was very useful lessons and the methodology of
    teaching is very good .. ^_^

  6. Reema Makki

    I know you guys are probably sick of these comments but I can’t find the
    rest of the lessons. Could you please post the link to it or make a new
    lesson if you haven’t. Me and many others enjoy this and find it very
    useful. Thanks.

  7. Erik Heras

    So the account is lifelong and free, but isthe subscription always going to
    be free too. Is there more content offered when we pay a monthly fee?

  8. Cj Owens

    your’re a great teacher but i think you should have added the rest of the
    alphabet in this format 

  9. Lance Ian Michael Brofar

    Яьляется Россия красиый? Am I good? Please answer my question in english
    and russian.

  10. Sandy Matzen

    Hello, I really enjoy your way of teaching. Are you going to submit videos
    on the rest of the alphabet also? Please do! Thank you Svetlana!!!!

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