Monday 22 January 2018
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Arabic Language Lesson 1

17 thoughts on “Arabic Language Lesson 1

  1. سعيد الاحمري

    لم استطع ان اتعلمها انها صعبه ولكن اريد ان اصبح بلبل فيها كي امصخر ربعي ولا


    there هناك = honak تيك =teek in saudi and yemen there is an old arabic
    language no one can understandet even the saudi or other arab exapt the
    desert people it used in yeman and saudi army for comm

  3. rick d

    Its very helpful if you write arabic words like shukran = thank you or
    matha = what something like that coz we cant read arabic words like
    that………… please arange pls thanksssss

  4. TheFrenchMadmoiselle

    Shukran! I really like this, though I too agree with domalaonric. If you
    put the spelling in English of the Arabic word it would help with
    pronunciation a lot.

  5. Rodney Johnson

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  6. LearnArabicTV

    @vidaharmonica You should watch it several times so that it sinks in
    naturally. Repetition is the key to learning.


    ههههههه لم أكن أعرف أن تعلم اللغة العربية معقد لهذه الدرجة نحن نحبكم أيضا

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