Sunday 17 December 2017
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An easy way to learn foreign languages (with captions in English and Spanish)

25 thoughts on “An easy way to learn foreign languages (with captions in English and Spanish)

  1. ron van der molen

    I also use the Teach Yourself book to start learning a language. I started
    with Teach Yourself “Complete Brazilian Portuguese”. In the end, it have
    not done anything to improve my listening or speaking, as the dialoges are
    way to textbook, they pronounce everything really really slowly where
    brazilians speak at the speed of a freight train. But it helped me to learn
    the “logics” of the language well.

    Being able to write and read is MUCH more important for your linguistic
    fundaments than just being able to listen to it. As when you read a new
    word, you will immediatly understand how that word needs to be pronounced.

    However, there are many polyglot / language learning groups all over your
    country where you can speak and listen to native speakers. I use the same
    methodology and can communicate and listen to portuguese well, write
    individual words fluently and have a certain degree of fluency in writing
    complete stories. Basically they can understand me really well. This all, i
    did in 13 months time. My biggest flaw at the moment is verbs and past

    I’m a Software Developer who performed terribly at school when it comes to
    langauges, i could not pass a french exam even if i studied hard for it.
    But with the right technique, persistency, dedication, everybody can make
    it happen. Don’t think that you can’t do it because you’re bad at
    languages. I’m bad at languages, i suck terribly and i can do it. So can

  2. solochregn

    Love you Luca!! So much help from you. But im wondering, I grew up in
    Sweden (your swedisj is AWESOME btw, very little accent, super
    impressive)………anyways 🙂 Now I live in the US and im learning French
    right now but I have no access to textbooks/workbooks in Swedish/French. My
    English Is really well I think because ive spoken it since I was 6 years
    old. But im wondering, you say translate to native tongue. Can I still
    learn French as good learning it from an English text book for example just
    to get started or do I need to get one from Sweden some how? Would reall
    appreciate your help, wish you all the best!

  3. Vladimir Erfan

    So here’s the deal. I speak English, Hungarian (my native l.), Russian and
    Ukrainian at an advanced level. I want to learn Swedish in 2-3 years for
    medical school purposes. A lot of the medical school stuff is in English
    and Latin. So i guess it makes more sense to transition from English rather
    than from my native Hungarian language. Any thoughts?

  4. Juan Villota

    hey man, i didn’t quite catch what you said about when reaching the
    intermediate level, after you’re done with Teach Yourself, what is it that
    you use?

  5. Logan Roberts

    Do not waste money on rosetta stone. I made the mistake myself! There is a
    difference from having a good program and a good marketing campaign….

  6. zomgseriosuly

    This is so helpful but I have school. And my parents are not gonna buy
    Dutch/Italian stuff for me lol

  7. Ashton B

    From what I know you’re not a native English speaker but I bet anyone who
    hasn’t heard of you before they clicked on this video wouldn’t know! you
    speak perfectly!!! This is a testament itself to what your teaching here,
    and your hard work! Seeing others succeed powers my studies too! Thanks for
    the Videos!

  8. Carlos Bah

    Your learning method reminds me of things I read in the book brain rules, a
    process in which you fix the new data (language, grammar… the new
    language) in your long term memory. The best explanation I’ve ever read
    about learning a language. Btw very good pronunciation. Thanks

  9. davidemonkeymango

    Grazie mille! Anch’io adesso sto imparando diverse lingue, proverò
    sicuramente la tua tecnica consigliata della ri-traduzione. Non vedo l’ora
    di applicarla!

  10. lilauz

    Wirklich klasse wie du das machst! Eu gosto de assistir todos os seus
    videos. Where I can find this text as a file to download? Mina sawut Petja,
    rediwsa no CCCP, mit zwei Jahren bin ich nach Deutschland gekommen e agora
    eu moro no Rio de Janeiro há nove meses e estou aprendendo portugues.
    Abraco meu amigo voce muito simpatíco.

  11. heslop01

    Luca, it’s heslop01 (from polyglot) – I’ve really been inspired your videos
    and it’s helped me as i’ve not been studying my languages recently as i’ve
    not had the inspiration to do it. Grazie per tuo video, ora, è mio
    missione! 😀

  12. 1su1000

    And concerning free stuff? Do u think I can find somethin’ usefull out of
    the internet? Ty.

  13. ThatGuyInMD81

    I’m not sure if you have already answered this question, but I remember you
    saying that you don’t believe in heavy grammar study (me neither). But my
    question is how do you go about learning more complex aspects of grammar
    that may go beyond what Assimil teaches? Do you learn these points in
    context or do you go to a grammar book and specifically study them (for
    example, french direct and indirect discourse or active and passive voice).
    Thanks and keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the book.

  14. pegasusdba

    Hi Luca, you’re making all these videos and that’s great. Why don’t you
    have a blog to document your method?

  15. TheHeas92

    can you recommend any type of book in italian for a beginner because i’m
    actualy learning the speeling from lyrics of italian songs and its not to
    hard to read the words since spanish is my first language is not to hard

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