Sunday 17 December 2017
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Pimsleur Spanish Lesson 1

25 thoughts on “Pimsleur Spanish Lesson 1

  1. stargatefansg1

    I learned more in 30 minutes watching this than sitting through 2 semesters
    of Spanish class in High School!

  2. Aaron Bañuelos

    excuse me= disculpe (to start a conversation or ask for something )
    ……… sorry=perdòn (to apologize for something)

  3. Nadia L

    Are you supposed to do 1 new lesson in the series everyday, or do you stay
    on the same lesson until you’ve mastered it, before moving on to the next

  4. Jasmine Hope

    Wow this was great. I wasn’t sure about buying it but now I’m totally
    interested after going through this first lession.


    Hola , ¿como están? esto es solo un comentario por parte de un usuario para
    que descifres esto, para ver si te sirvió el video :v

    Soy de México :)

  6. Karac Newland

    I learned more in this lesson than Rosetta stone. Thank u 🙂 please post
    the second lesson :)

  7. rlakehome

    I’m learning Spanish through Pimsleur – I just started the first set of
    CDs. So far it is really good and I’m surprised how quickly I’m learning
    it. I combine the lessons with watching Spanish language shows on TV and
    on video to see how much I am picking up. So far so good. I had a hard
    time with French classes years ago, but now I realize it was because I was
    having to do too much book work and writing which just confused me at a
    time when I was still trying to talk to people who were already fluent in
    French. The classroom teaching had too much going on at once, rather than
    just hearing the words spoken and repeating them back as I am doing now
    with Pimsleur – it’s more natural. I suspect I could pick up any language
    with Pimsleur if I want and I wish they taught Quichewa, the native
    language of South America. I won’t start doing reading and writing of
    Spanish until I’ve picked up the basics through listening and practice.
    Comprehensive listening and basic conversation skills are the only way for
    me since I will be traveling and I need to have good comprehension of what
    people are saying to me when they are talking at a normal pace. If I can
    follow what they are saying, I can figure out a response. Adios.

  8. Adolfo Garcia

    transcripciones de los audios en ingles? y yo los ayudo con
    las transcripciones de los audios en español?


    Que bello que es mi idioma es usted norteamericano no debería de ser así
    debería decir es usted gringo jajajajajajajajajaja

  10. SJ Park

    omg i might actually buy pimsleur while its cheap. I wish it came in
    english so my mom could try it too.

  11. Everyday Science

    I’m a big fan of Pimsleur, the CDs are generally available at the local
    library as well! 

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