Sunday 17 December 2017
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Chinese for Kids – Follow Jade! Learn Chinese: Let’s Visit Chinese Kindergarten trailer

25 thoughts on “Chinese for Kids – Follow Jade! Learn Chinese: Let’s Visit Chinese Kindergarten trailer

  1. ashlea brockway

    It would be helpful to me if you could include the accent marks. I really
    enjoyed this video and believe it will help my son learn Mandarin. Thank

  2. adamguru

    谢谢, 她是一个很好的中文老师!现在我想喝一点牛奶,果汁和水。


    If I will drink milk ,juice and water at the same time I won’t be thirsty
    for a month =)

  4. SeanTrey08

    LOL! when i got to that bit, i was about to write a similar comment then i
    saw yours LMAO!

  5. pinkstrawberrypuding

    Would you all shut your pie holes about racism.Your stupid is showing.This
    is a program that helps people learn a new language but NOOOO,you point out
    something that you yourselves know good and hell well that it has NOTHING
    to do with racism. You are brain washed and scared of your own shadows.Keep
    your hate and fear laden mongering to yourselves.

  6. shk00design

    Nice video. She has no problem with her English accent like some Chinese
    teachers. Instead of 2 people each other: “ni hao” for “how are you”, the
    other person could have responded: “hao, xie xie” for “I’m fine thank you”
    like vary your responses a little bit. Kind of odd the first kid dress like
    a butterfly said the whole sentence in Chinese: “wo jiao hu die” for “my
    name is butterfly” and the rest: “I’m a hu die” like you’re in Singapore
    mixing languages & Chinese dialects.

  7. Yasen Muhammed

    No it was not difficult to pour to that elder girl She was almost to pour
    than you can get it yourself wtf is this she embraced that girl

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