Sunday 17 December 2017
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Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw

24 thoughts on “Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw

  1. CharLotte Mund

    don’t be intimidated by speaking the language wrong to people, when i meet
    someone who knows little English, but is trying to communicate, i don’t get
    annoyed, do you?

  2. Akira Iwami

    I’m 12 years old and learning Japanese and English. And I’d like to
    practice my languages more and more… Inspirational video! People who want
    to be polyglots try to learn a lot of languages at the same time. It
    doesn’t work, you must have a consistent knowledge to advance. I study by
    myself, no one teaches me directly, I practice on internet and I’m sure,
    anyone can do it! I’m not paying, it’s all free. You just have to know
    where and how to find the right material, and probably you also must have a
    good printer too.

    I’m Brazilian and I recommend and Anki SRS for practicing.

  3. TheShaleco

    I am trying to learn german, My main problem is that I am afraid of
    speaking the language in front of natives… I am worried that I will make
    a fool out of myself. I need to just get over that fear because I really do
    need practise speaking.

  4. Thisisthefuture100

    In ALL videos that make claims as “hack language learning” …. “master any
    language in x weeks” … “become fluent in x months” …. the presenter
    ends up saying (though not literally): study hard, make mistakes, do this,
    then do that, you won’t speak like a native, but I assure you it is going
    to be great, you will learn a lot and make new friends.

    Perhaps all those great language learners who want to share their wisdom
    with us should actually use a dictionary and look up the words “master”,
    “fluent”, and “hack” before writing the titles for their videos.

  5. Thomas Kember

    I was reminded of when I was working in Italy, one day an Italian colliege
    was looking more nervous than usual. I asked him, What’s the matter
    Antonio?” He answered, “I have an exam in English today. I am not sure I
    will pass it.” The next day, he was even more unhappy looking. I said, “How
    did the exam go?”. He said, “I didn’t pass.” After a little thought, I
    said to him, “Antonio, you pass the only exam that matters every time I
    talk to you.”

  6. KrissLucia

    If you want to learn Japanese is a really good site to start
    with! 😀

  7. Ian Lewis

    A great and inspirational talk about language learning. I felt similar
    things when learning Japanese. I think I’ll try to learn some new languages
    sson. Maybe Korean and Chinese first.

  8. Thu han thi

    I usually watch the TED and it is also a way for me to learn English.Today
    I want to share this video with everyone. Hope you can get something from
    this video, my precious friends :)

  9. Nada Lavigne

    Hi, I speak Arabic and English and I’m interested in learning French. Send
    me A message if you want help or want TO help 

  10. Rodrigo Ramírez

    A great and inspirational talk about language learning. I felt similar
    things when learning Japanese. I think I’ll try to learn some new languages
    sson. Maybe Korean and Chinese first.

  11. Alex Bedino

    Benny is a great guy and many are jealous of him only because he is the
    demonstration that anyone can be a polyglot and you have no reason to make
    excuses! Awesome video Benny, keep up with the good work!


    Learn Tamil which is the mother of all language which is proven by Alex

  13. Zaid Hadi

    bahut shukriya ,,, thanx a lot ,,, شكرا جزيلا ,,, terima kasih ,,, متشكرم

  14. Izumi Chan

    I grew up with Guatemalan Spanish for the first couple years of my life,
    but because ive only lived in english speaking countries, my Spanish skills
    faded quickly. So now im learning both Japanese and Spanish simultaneously,
    and it’s actually easier than you’d think! No se dan por vencidos en tus
    metas, incluso si parecen difíciles de alcanzar! がんばってね!! :3

  15. 文宗聖

    There are seven days in a week, but “someday” is not one of them. That’s
    definitely true. It’s now or never. You want to learn a new language, you
    should learn now, not wating. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
    Everybody is human being everybody make mistakes.
    The point is you shoud speak confidently and feel great and strong. don’t
    be shy. then you’ll speak better and better.

  16. kirs29ty

    I am a fluent in french and English and a lil bit of hindi as well. I need
    an Arabic, Spanish, Danish, and German tutor actually, and perhaps Russian
    too. Already set off with Danish and Spanish. I need to learn languages,
    it’s passionating. 

  17. Mario Brito

    I learnt to speak five languages , the first one was English, than Italian,
    French Spanish and German as I worked as a tour guide and got the chance to
    exchange language abilities just by listening and speaking without studying
    at the schools.I know many people in my city that can speak several
    languages learnt in their daily lives as tour guides.

  18. Codefoto

    Around 2 years ago I started a new project with an American project manager.
    Being Dutch, and always having been almost fluent in English since high
    school, I was amazed how my (speaking, not writing) English had ‘plummeted’
    to a dubious level…

    Although years ago an English friend told me I was hard to distinguish from
    native speakers, apparently that stage had passed while not practicing ….

    Now, the speaking part seemed to have disappeared, leaving me searching for
    words, where in the past my mind just seemed to ‘switch to English’ and
    never think about it…

    Anyway, just staring anew again really got me back on track in no time,
    amazing how the human mind works ..)
    I even distinctly remember the moment where the ‘mind switches straight to
    English’ moment started happening again, that was a great experience …

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