Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn Spanish Free – PeanutButter – Language Learning Software Preview

10 thoughts on “Learn Spanish Free – PeanutButter – Language Learning Software Preview

  1. mhorison lorenzo

    you should use ONLINESPANISHCOURSES.JUPLO.COM to become fluent in Spanish
    or English!

  2. peanutbuttersticks

    If anyone has any questions about the software, please feel free to post
    them here. I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

  3. Antwon Key

    Yep guess ur right but…There are some great programs that u can get Free
    that are better than products u buy so ur partly wrong. Compare
    MalwareBytes to Norton 360…of course Norton is visually better looking
    but i read from a few people including myself MalwareBytes is WAAAY better.
    You know what the say The best things in life are Free.

  4. amigabonita28

    I am trying to learn spanish, please check out my videos and channel,
    please and thank you(:

  5. Miikaika25

    I am thinking of getting this because I have a goal of being a intermediate
    speaker of spanish at the end of 2010, I like that it uses video and this
    learning style is the best for me, I have the ipod app and I learn from it
    but I want the full program but I want to be sure this will teach me
    spanish starting with the very basic and then advanced and not a mix of the

  6. mhorison lorenzo

    You learn to talk about yourself. You feel your confidence soar as Spanish
    starts rolling off your tongue in clear sentences. After completing the 8
    user-friendly lessons you are ready to advance to the conversational part
    of the course…Everything you’ll need to know is right here

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