Sunday 17 December 2017
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Beginner Conversational Chinese – Phrases on Chinese Greetings

25 thoughts on “Beginner Conversational Chinese – Phrases on Chinese Greetings

  1. lilyazaleamc

    Great job on the videos! I’m an ABC who’s been informally learning Mandarin
    off and on from my mom and I recently decided to get back into learning it.
    Your videos really help add some formality to the vocab and pronunciation
    I’ve already learned, and you explain things very clearly and concisely. I
    finished going through the beginner playlist tonight and I’m moving onto
    your intermediate videos. Looking forward to learning more from you and
    thanks for uploading these!

  2. Chloe Geraghty

    Can someone tell me which video I should watch next? I don’t see a ‘Lesson
    13’ and it seems I missed something before the intermediate lessons. Thanks

  3. Tristan Kaul

    xie xie YANG YANG wo shi Shawn 😀 just one to test my chinese language 😀 i
    have chinese lessons in my shool:D wo shi zai SAN BEDA COLLEGE ALABANG
    shang suey/ my real age is wo shi pa suey

  4. Josh The Pig Man

    I learn this in L.O.T.E ive seen this in class it is really good I love
    your vidios

  5. Michael Jones

    yes, yes, ditto for me too!! It is very nice. I would only suggest that it
    be made in the same format as the other numbers video ( with a repeat
    section and and sing-a-long section for the students) to make a great study
    aid! Keep it up Yang yang!!

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