Saturday 16 December 2017
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Learn English Through Stories | Subtitles: Love Story (level 3)

12 thoughts on “Learn English Through Stories | Subtitles: Love Story (level 3)

  1. Tengiz Suleymanov

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    I would like to improve my English. That’s why I need conversation. Who can
    help me to speak with me. I will be very grateful if someone will help me.
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  2. Christiana Munzi

    I really enjoyed to listen to this audio-reading book story. It is relaxing
    to listen to it and at the same time I revised a lot of English vocabolary.
    I recommand it to everybody who wants to improve their English. Thx

  3. Ahsan Javed

    I loved the story. This is really one of the most effective ways to learn
    English. It will improve your listening skills. Your pronunciation will
    also be improved. I must praise the reader of the book as well. He has done
    a remarkable job. Well done.

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