Saturday 16 December 2017
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Learn English: Does the C sound like S or K?

25 thoughts on “Learn English: Does the C sound like S or K?

  1. EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! [engVid]

    What sound does the C make? Here’s a trick for you…

  2. ember fly

    The C in words like façade will sound like an S, but usually there is a
    little tail at the bottom of the C to distinguish it. I think it’s French
    or something. Sometimes you see will it without the tail, but it’s still
    pronounced as an S.

  3. David Green

    Surely CELT is pronounced KELT – even though in some circumstances CELTIC
    is pronounced SELTIC (as in the Scottish football team) but in “normal”
    usage it is pronounced KELTIC 

  4. Andrés Ospina Campo

    Hi Ronnie! I’m learning English and i can understand many many things when
    I watch Videos and I listen to music or audios!!! BUT at time to talk the
    language i am not fluent! What i can do
    ? Bye…

  5. Liang Che

    Great video! Could you make a video to teach us how to pronounce the words
    with a “l” sound in the middle of the words like “value, million”. I found
    it so hard to pronounce these words like a native speaker. 

  6. Luis Daniel Masetto

    Cool, tks! This lesson is pretty easy for portuguese spearkers, maybe for
    spanish as well, same rules.

  7. Eduarda Sabino

    Hi,I’m from Brazil and your video is so amazing.I’ve learned a lot.Thank
    you so much!

  8. ahmed hassan

    I like the way you teach us.. As a young teacher, craziness is my real
    personality so, I like you
    We are the same 

  9. ka tsu

    I got it all! Thank you so much. But I can take a test, please tell me
    where can I take it .

  10. Mauro Pizzale

    Hi Ronnie, sometimes I heard two different pronunciations of the word
    How I must pronounce it? Is it “keltik” or “seltik”?
    Thank you

  11. Zongjian Bai

    Ronnie, I like your video soooo much. Can you let me know how do i know
    whether a written letter ‘i’ should be pronounced like ‘ai’ sound or ‘ee’
    sound? for example, word ‘like’ and ‘lift’

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