Sunday 17 December 2017
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learn mandarin chinese pinyin c s z

25 thoughts on “learn mandarin chinese pinyin c s z

  1. 2bornot2bme1

    Can you give me a way to explain how to say j? This is the only letter I
    need help pronouncing.

  2. VonTyrant

    谢谢 for this and the ch sh zh, very helpful… for most of us English
    speakers even hearing the differences can be tricky.

  3. Cameron Marsh

    Wow, I’ve just watched about half a dozen Pinyin videos and yours’ is by
    far the most useful and impressive. I like how you take you’re time and go
    over each group in detail. Thank you so much, maybe I won’t fail CHN 1 now!


    I can’t decide which is more gorgeous; her voice or her smile. I wish she
    was my Chinese teacher…

  5. kensopray

    ..i’ve been around so many mandarin speakers for so many years…and i
    learned more from your videos than if i where to learn it, just from
    hearing it from others…Thanks =)

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