Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn English with the News: Cyber Crime

23 thoughts on “Learn English with the News: Cyber Crime

  1. สุวิทย์ กิ่งตัน

    Learn English with the News: Cyber Crime
    What’s a security breach, cyber heist, or identity theft? Learn the modern
    vocabulary of crime with this essential English News lesson. Find out how
    cyber criminals affected 70 million customers, what problems they caused,
    and how to protect yourself. Understanding this English vocabulary and
    these dangers can help keep you safer in today’s world.

  2. PraKhaR

    Very useful, Thank you Rebecca ma’am.
    How you work hard to write those transcript!

  3. antonio carvalho torres

    I’ve seen this video three times. I loved it!!! Congratulations. Thank you
    so much !!!

  4. abeer ghazal

    thanks a lot Rebecca,it’s quite useful and it’s the first video i find
    talking about how to read news, thanks again.

  5. Oussama Elbakri

    I want to propose to make a polling site where users could post their ideas
    for new videos and vote for them

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