Wednesday 24 January 2018
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How to Stay Motivated to Learn English

25 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated to Learn English

  1. Thoyib Adiwijaya

    Thanks for your video. By your video can motivate me to learn english well.


    Pretty girl. You confirm the principle of sucsess at youtube. Not only what
    you say is main so is how you do it. Thanx.

  3. Hanine Benhammou

    it will better if you making a subtittle for the begener thank you so much

  4. Quoctoan Do

    I want to say thank you very much. you are a good teacher, I can understand
    what you say. hope you always do this to help people want to learn english
    as second languge.

  5. Mollie Tai

    GNE 18 : How to Stay Motivated to Learn English

    1/ practice with meaningful material – listen to Ted Talks online ,
    read about interesting and challenging topics .
    2/ set a clear , smart and short-term goal – you can reach it in
    a month time .
    3/ connect with and help others – find people who are interested to share

    Feelings are very important to motivation . Always stay motivated in
    learning English .

  6. davidbussines3000

    I invite you to Colombia to snort lots of cocaine, what do you think about
    it? it.s a great idea to keep inspiring

  7. Nguyen Jos

    i loved your voice at the very first time you said, it’s so nice and…
    very clearly you mention or describe about something, sometimes you
    suggested strong solutions in your method and i really love it. Thank you!

  8. shsahid Jaf

    wow,you are in Tokyo?i want u to invit here in kurdstan-iraq,please accept
    my invitation :(

  9. 井垣智志

    Thank you for making good video. i will keep checking your amazing video.
    And also I keep studying for my goals.

  10. ka tsu

    Thank you for teaching me today. I set a clear goal now, I memorize some
    words and sentences every day and will have done my workbook by the end of
    the year(It’s hard for me todo that, but I must try it!) . And also I want
    to Skype with foreigner twice a week or more. I’m gonna study English hard!


  11. EnglishTutor 75

    +Gabby Wallace, M.Ed TESOL – Go Natural English This is a great video! I
    study other languages, and these tips apply to learning those as well.

  12. Mohammad Kamruzzaman

    It’s really a good piece of advice. It’s very informative and useful.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Dekow Warsame

    Thank you so much madam Gabby Wallace may I get your address inorder to
    help me more for learning english Plzzzz thank u


  14. Aung Kyaw San

    スカイスリー。 yeah , sky tree . I m Burmese . I used to live in Japan . I studied
    Japanese . I feel Japanese is easy to study . English is kinda hard for me
    . Now I m living in LA . I wanna speak English fluently like a native
    speaker . I wanna take online conversation class one by one . mean me and
    teacher . Plz give me some advice. 

  15. paphitchaya k

    Thank you , i am confused with myself and start tired to keep practicing my
    english skills ..TT ..this video inspires me to improve myself again :))

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