Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn Chinese Online Speak Mandarin Online Free speak Chinese Lessons (007) – Measure Word

7 thoughts on “Learn Chinese Online Speak Mandarin Online Free speak Chinese Lessons (007) – Measure Word

  1. Sophia Ying

    Interesting Mandarin Chinese lesson there! try also visit the page
    CONVOCONNECT-DOT-COM if you want to become fluent in chinese speaking.
    Everyone knows the best way to learn a language is by speaking with real
    native speakers. I was learning from textbooks and online materials for so
    long but never had the opportunity to actually speak the language. Free
    materials are good to a degree but the reality is if you want to become
    fluent you do need to practice speaking regularly. CONVOCONNECT-DOT-COM
    definitely does speed up the process and you will find that you will
    become fluent much faster and you don’t need to sign up to any costly
    courses like many other online sites.
    Best of all you get to decide when you want to learn (you book a time slot)
    and decide what exactly you want the teacher to focus on – e.g.
    conversation practice, business, travel, and role plays etc.

  2. Pat Jack

    The room you are recording creates high frequency distortion, (reverb
    echo)caused by the walls and cieling materials. A woman’s voice, a strong
    one, these high frequencies, (especially in tonal languages), become very
    indistinct. A better microphone, an outboard frequency compressor, and a
    better room, (not hard, reflective walls), is required to produce language
    learning products for tonal languages. No “reverb” and “echo”, especially
    that which is in the high frequencies of the vocal range.

  3. Michelle yang

    my ancestor are chinese and my grandma taught me all my little broken
    sentence of chinese while we stayed in india, even tho it doesnt sound
    mandarin today wid ur video i realised my grandma spoke mandarin al her
    life and its sad i did learn it fluently

  4. Anna Spaul

    i’m using this to re learn mandarin as i was raised with a speaking
    mandarin mother! (half chinese:) thank you

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