Sunday 17 December 2017
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Learn Russian – Days of the week | Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Learn Russian – Days of the week | Wednesday

  1. Pavel Chekov

    What do you mean by ‘Я бред несу, ну да ладно’? бред appears to have
    several meanings.

  2. Tom Donald

    Thanks for these great tutorials! So much better than getting lost over the
    Russian alphabet. There is hope for me yet. Spasiba – still I need Bolcha
    bolcha pratica! 

  3. MrRusskie99

    I though гипериаркет was hypermarket
    And супермаркет was supermarket please help 

  4. 李峰

    lady,thanks u teach me rusian and hope that you video every time
    have:”subtitle”thanks alot.

  5. ramon

    always when i see your videos or russian letters, it always reminds me of

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