Sunday 17 December 2017
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Advertise your foreign language video tutorial on My Language Tutorials, with over 4000 visitors monthly and an active online community. Visitors access our site specifically to learn a foreign language like yours.

Everyone who visits our site will see your tutorial ad when you advertise in our featured (the blue area) and highlight section  (the green, red and purple area) on our home page. Buy as little as one week, or as much as four concurrent weeks.

Once you reserve your ad spot, you will receive an email stating when your ad will show in the featured or highlighted spot. Each week runs Saturday morning to the follow Friday evening.

Ordering is easy using the secure ordering form below. Simply select the spot you want your tutorial to appear, click Add To Cart, and the shopping cart will appear above. Make sure you put your YouTube video link in the comments section at your checkout:

Featured Top Spot: $25 per Week
Featured 2nd Inside Spot: $15 per Week
Featured 3rd Inside Spot: $15 per Week
Featured 4th Inside Spot: $15 per Week
Featured Bottom Spot: $10 per Week
Highlight Spot (Random Location): $15 per Week